Redditors are good at crying foul when they spy something rotten in the state of their favorite grocery stores. One such whistleblower is an Aldi shopper and presumed seafood lover going by the Reddit handle @NoShayminTrying. They posted in the Aldi subreddit something that they deemed downright vile — a bag of frozen shrimp that claimed to be “peeled and deveined,” but were actually not.

The photo the OP posted showed the opened bag from maker Fremont Fish Market, one of Aldi’s seafood brands, with some of the contents spilling out. A few of the shrimp showed that they had not been at all deveined, with others that had been deveined ineffectively. This prompted a cavalcade of horrified responses from other Redditors — and is one possible reason to stop buying seafood from Aldi.

“SOMEONE didn’t do a good job of deveining! I’d bring it back and exchange it. I get that shrimp all the time and I’ve never seen it look like that before!” said one shocked commentator. “Right! Always had that issue with aldi frozen shrimp,” said another. A third party asserted, “Its like this every time i buy the frozen bags at aldi, unfortunately. I have much better luck with the raw shrimp they have over with the salmon but you cant always find it.” 

The short answer for anyone looking to toss a shrimp on the barbie is to double check that they have been peeled and deveined first.

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