According to Eater, the market is the largest fish market in Korea and the second largest in Asia. All of the sea’s bounty is on display in the many stalls spread throughout the indoor and outdoor facility. Expat Guide Korea points out that the freshest catch is brought into the market daily — and with a wide variety of fresh and dried fish, crab, lobster, and shrimp, you won’t need to be a seafood expert to enjoy the market’s offerings.

Dynamic Busan says that the Jagalchi Market is one of the greatest locations in Korea to sample fresh fish, thanks to its unique structure. While strolling through the first-floor market, anyone can simply request their preferred fish, and for a small fee, it will be taken out of its water tank and served in the second-floor dining area. Soul of Seoul explains that the fish is then served according to each diner’s preferences, though it’s possible to follow traditional Korean culinary wisdom by taking workers’ recommendations.

Eater points out that this approach to seafood exemplifies the Korean people’s love for enjoying the freshest seafood possible. Any trip to Busan certainly wouldn’t be complete without a stop at this historic market.

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