click to enlarge Amazon Dash Carts are now in use at a San Antonio Whole Foods store. - Courtesy Photo / Amazon

Courtesy Photo / Amazon

Amazon Dash Carts are now in use at a San Antonio Whole Foods store.

San Antonio’s Northside Whole Foods store is one of the chain’s first three locations to feature Amazon Dash Cart technology.

The smart carts allow shoppers to use a QR code in the Whole Foods app and cameras attached to the cart to scan items while a screen keeps a tally in real time. Fresh produce can be weighed in an on-cart basket.

When it’s time to check out, the customer is directed through a designated Dash Cart lane, where their payment is processed via the credit card attached to their Whole Foods or Amazon account. The shopper receives their receipt via email.

Since last summer, Amazon Fresh stores have rolled out Dash Carts at many of its U.S. stores, however a Whole Foods in Westford, Massachusetts, was the first non-Amazon store to debut the tech.

SA’s Whole Foods store at the Vineyard Shopping Center, 18403 Blanco Road, and a Lynnwood, Washington, store followed shortly after.

“As many of our customers return to their in-store grocery shopping routines, it’s exciting to introduce new and unique ways for them to shop our stores,” Whole Foods Market Chief Technology Officer Leandro Balbinot said in a release.

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