Invest Cyprus welcomes the constantly rising interest of the news/” 2169 target=”_blank”>international film industry in Cyprus which has become an ideal location choice for filming.

Currently, a Cyprus-USA co-production has entered the final stage of production. The movie is titled “The Islander” and it was written and directed by Stelana Kliris. Filming took place entirely in our country—specifically in the region of Peyia and in the Cyprus capital, Nicosia.

Kliris’ production company, Meraki Films produced the film, together with producers Keith Arnold, Steve Shapiro, and local production company, Green Olive Films.

“The Islander” is a romantic comedy featuring a strong element of music and starring well-known news/” 2169 target=”_blank”>international actors such as Harry Connick Jr, Agni Scott and Ali Fumiko Whitney, as well as esteemed Cypriot cast like Tony Dimitriou, Lea Maleni and Angeliki Filippidou.

“The Cypriot element is particularly strong in this film since, most of the team comes from Cyprus–our cast and crew who worked during the filming, and the crew currently working in post-production, are mostly from Cyprus”, Kliris noted.

The Head of Invest Cyprus unit for Filming, Lefteris Eleftheriou, says: “In recent months, the interest of news/” 2169 target=”_blank”>international producers in Cyprus has not only increased but has transformed into filming in various areas of the island. Both the producers, as well as the actors, are equally impressed by the natural landscapes of the country and the professionals available in the field. We are confident that soon we will see several more productions taking place in our country”.

The film is funded by Uinta Productions, the Deputy Ministry of Culture, and the Cyprus Audiovisual Industry Promotion Scheme. Particularly helpful was the role of Invest Cyprus throughout the entire production implementation process, in the context of its efforts to promote the “Olivewood” brand and the country as an ideal destination for films and other productions.

Cyprus has all those elements needed to attract an news/” 2169 target=”_blank”>international production: Ideal weather conditions, excellent locations, and excellent crews. Our company aims to bring in more productions to Cyprus in the future What has been essential to our efforts has been the Cyprus Film Scheme by Invest Cyprus, and also the support we received from the very beginning from the Cultural Services of the Deputy Ministry of Culture”, Kliris explained.

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Author: Alan Johnson