Claims of overfishing aren’t the only accusations made regarding the commercial tuna industries’ lack of sustainable practices. Allegations of illegal and unreported catches, human rights violations, and the bycatch of threatened species, such as blue sharks and sea turtles, abound as well, according to the coalition Friends of Ocean Action.

These multiple, continued issues have led the Global Tuna Alliance, World Economic Forum, and Friends of Ocean Action to draft the 2025 Pledge Towards Sustainable Tuna (25PST). The agreement, according to SeafoodSource, is voluntary and expands on the previous Tuna 2020 Traceability Declaration (TTD, which ended in December 2020). Those who sign the agreement will focus on various aspects of sustainable tuna fishing, including transparency, environmental sustainability, and social responsibility.

According to the Global Tuna Alliance, TTD received support from commercial leaders, civil society organizations, and governments. The hope over the next few years is that 25PST will be able to continue what TTD started, on through 2025 and the next pledge for sustainable tuna fishing — a priority that many organizations are working to make a reality.

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