CATAUMET — The Bourne Select Board has granted a conditional all-alcohol package store license to Cataumet Fish market, after rejecting a Market Basket supermarket chain request a week before.

Board members voted 4-0 on Jan. 3 with one abstention to deny the MB Spirits LLC request, which would have meant a 10th such license in town.

Select Board members on Jan. 3 said the proposed Market Basket location off a busy Route 6 ramp is less than one mile from both a package store in Sagamore, at the Sandwich Road and Cranberry Highway intersection, and another store just across the Sagamore Bridge. The board said those two existing stores are sufficient to fulfill consumer demand.

The supermarket chain has requested board reconsider the application.

Six days later on Jan. 9, members conducted a hearing into the application by Patrick Ross of Gray Gables, owner of Sea State Foods LLC, doing business as Cataumet Fish at Route 28A, for the same package store license.

The board unanimously approved the Ross application contingent on the license being available when Market Basket’s appeals are exhausted.

No wine with dinner: Bourne select board rejects liquor license for Market Basket

The board said the Cataumet Fish alcohol sales represent a convenience and accessory use to its seafood emphasis and would not become a predominant part of the business.

What did the Select Board have to say about their Cataumet Fish vote?

Member Jared MacDonald acknowledged the board’s “conundrum with the legality” of approving a license that may or may not become available after the vote against Market Basket.

“My concern is issuing another license in town” MacDonald said. “We have so many. If we issue this based on uniqueness and there are changes (to the market) in the future, I’d be concerned with that expansion of alcohol sales. The uniqueness is in the market’s favor, but changes in the future could be very serious.”

Market Basket’s Sagamore package store license hearing resumes Jan. 3

Member Judith Froman said she remains “fairly conflicted” with the number of package store licenses, “but I can say there are so many things I like about this. Being a niche market fits into our board goals and celebrating our villages and that sort of thing. I’m just feeling kind of funny, saying just a few days ago that we don’t need another license in town.”

Member Melissa Ferretti was supportive of the request, but she preferred town counsel assurance about denying the Market Basket license and then considering the Cataumet Fish request.

After 90 minutes of discussion, the board made a decision

The board after 90 minutes agreed the Ross application fits the public need factor in Cataumet, remains a suitable location, is an adequate request and that it is supported by the community and a village with no spirits sales via package stores.

At the Jan. 3 meeting, Select Board member Mary Jane Mastrangelo, after researching how Bourne accumulated 10 package store licenses across the decades, said members were not obliged to support a tenth application when market conditions for alcohol sales did not reflect public need.

 But Mastrangelo on Jan. 9 said she prefers to see local business thrive and that a Cataumet license represents “the community’s best interest and meets our (board) vision for Bourne. This will be an asset to the community. I think it will be a wonderful thing. I’m not conflicted.”

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