For a completely unique Korean experience, make sure to seek out Golmok Gejang by the Busan Science Center. According to the Michelin Guide, gejang is a dish made by marinating raw crabs in soy sauce, which is first boiled and cooled before being poured over a crock full of stacked crabs. The crabs typically marinate in the soy sauce for about two weeks, which is strained, re-boiled and cooled, and poured over the crabs several times during the process, says the guide. Gejang can be served spicy (yangnyeom gejang) or with savory soy flavors (ganjang gejang). 

You can eat the crabs by sucking the soft meat directly from the shell, but that may be a bit much for those new to the dish. Instead, you can also spoon the crab onto rice. A menu features crab comes with a side of rice, an egg yolk, and seaweed. That will tame down the flavor of the soy sauce and temper the texture of raw crab, allowing you to enjoy this delicacy without too much culture shock.

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